Mass Advocates is very lucky this summer to have a young gifted and very bright intern called Kamisha Elizabeth Heriveaux who is working in our busy Boston office for the month of July.  Her varied duties include administrative, telephone, clerical, database and working on special office projects.  Kamisha is multi-talented and  particularly enjoys photography and writing. Maybe one day she will be writing her own novel!  She is one of those people that just shines. Her personal story below better describes this unique young woman who will leave footprints in the sand of life!


Hi my name is Kamisha Elizabeth Heriveaux I am 20 years. I am a post grad at Malden High School. I have a big family so big in fact I am one of six children you see I have three sisters and two brothers and where do I fit in all this you may ask yourself? Well to answer your question I am the baby in the family. Let me introduce them to you I am going to start with my three sisters their names are Natasha, Sabine, and my twin sister Tanisha and now let me introduce my two brothers to you their names are Benjamin and Gerry. I am a very driven and hardworking young lady and I try to give a hundred and ten percent to everything that I do. I love new challenges why you may ask? Well for me the challenges make me stronger in a way and they open up my eyes to more opportunities and possibilities for me to see what’s out there. Here are some of my hobbies and interests I like to do on my free time. I like to dance, sing, write, draw, photography, hangout with family and friends also I like to play basketball, soccer and football.

I love meeting new people, speaking of meeting new people would you like to hear something that someone said to me a long time ago and it kind of stuck with me all these years? This person called me a magnet which means where ever I go or who ever I meet they get attached to me like a magnet and so far I guess it is true because so far I have not gotten any complaints so I must be doing something right. I don’t know exactly what it is that I do to get people drawn in like I do but whatever it is it seems to work.

If I had guess why it would probably be because of my positive attitude through life, my outgoing personality and also I think it’s because of my disability which is Cerebral Palsy and how I see things and how I try to overcome some of the obstacles that I face. Let me explain to you how it is for me,  it is like sometimes my brain sends my body many different signals for example when I want my body to relax my brain tells the muscles to ‘tighten up’ this is called tone and in my case it’s like a rollercoaster it goes up and down, and its also good because it helps me get around. Another part of being born with Cerebral Palsy is one part of my body is weaker then the other, and the other part is I can’t walk on my own but don’t worry because that is why I see physical therapists and use manual chairs and power chairs. I also have something called spasms which mean I jump a lot mostly because of loud noises but don’t worry about it either because I have medication to calm it down.

I face many challenges with my disability but one of them is trying to transport myself from one place to another without falling. There’s something I want everyone to know even though I might be different and do things a little differently my chair and disability does not define me because at the end of the day I am still one of you!!

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